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 I just received a great heart model from Anatomy Now and love students do too!! 
-Janet Harrison

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Kidney Model - Deluxe #0147-00
Kidney Model - Deluxe #0147-00
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Anatomy Now's Kidney Model Includes:

  • The renal artery and vein
  • A portion of the ureter
  • Cortex
  • Medulla
  • Pyramids
  • Pelvis
  • Major and minor calyces
  • Internal blood supply and drainage
  • Several loops of Henle with glomeruli are also detailed in relief.

Measurements: 14x8x5 inches (36x20x13 cm)


Handmade in the USA:

Autographed Anatomy Models: The only models in the world which are personally autographed and dated by their handcrafter! • 100% American-made, every step in the production of every Autographed Anatomy model - molding, hand sanding, hand painting, number-coding, labeling and autographing - is carried out in the US. • Quality is unsurpassed. • Delivery is from stock. • And should you ever have the need, replacement parts, repairs and refurbishing of your Autographed Anatomy model are just a toll-free phone call away.


Money Back Guarantee:  This Kidney Model comes with a money back guarantee through Anatomy Now.  If you don't like this anatomical model for any reason send it back to us within one week of its delivery and we will be happy to refund the purchase price.  Anatomy Now is your one-stop-shop for any Anatomical Model, Anatomical Chart, Anatomy Reference Guide, or Anatomy Training Aid.


And every Autographed Anatomy model carries our manufacturer's Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction - We will repair or replace any component of any Autographed Anatomy model which proves defective due to our workmanship, for as long as you own the model - no charge, of course.

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Kidney Model - Deluxe #0147-00

Kidney Model - Deluxe #0147-00:


This vinyl-plastic anatomical model of the left kidney is parasagitally sectioned over three-fourths of its length and three times life-size. Nephrons are detailed in contrasting colors with the distal and proximal convoluted tubules somewhat simplified for clarity.  The model comes on a base and includes a key that identifies the 34 hand-numbered features.

Please allow up to 90 days for this item to ship.  Contact or call 773-633-6553 to get a more precise delivery estimate.


Retail: $365.95
Price (USD): $332.00
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