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 As a Dentist, I am constantly explaining the dangers of poor oral hygiene, but the Teeth Model #2860 I purchased from Anatomy Now finally makes sense for my patients. 
-Tommy Leatherman - Chicago, IL

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Sarcomere Model #0779-00
Sarcomere Model #0779-00
Detailed Action Image
Detailed Action Image
Detailed Image of Sarcomere
Detailed Image of Sarcomere
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Anatomy Now's Sarcomere Model Includes:

  • Reflecting the most recent advances in electron microscopic ultrastructure, the model unequivocally demonstrates that individual myofilaments neither change shape nor shorten, rather the proteins actin and myosin slide past one another, resulting in the shortening of the sarcomere itself.
  • Clearly depicted are the arrangement, configuration, and function of thin filaments (actin, troponin, tropomyosin), and thick filaments (myosin, myosin heads), the M-line and Z-line.
  • Invaluable not only for physiology classes, but also for athletic trainers, sports medicine specialists, physical and massage therapists, the working sarcomere model can also plainly demonstrate muscle tone, muscle cramps, knots and tears.
  • Included with the sarcomere model is a translucent sheath (shown at right) representing the sarcoplasmic reticulum which can be wrapped around the sarcomere to elicit discussion and elucidate understanding of the role calcium ion transport plays in muscle contraction.

Measurements:  22L×6W×8H inches overall


Money Back Guarantee:  This Sarcomere Model comes with a money back guarantee through Anatomy Now.  If you don't like this anatomical model for any reason send it back to us within one week of its delivery and we will be happy to refund the purchase price.  Anatomy Now is your one-stop-shop for any Anatomical Model,  Anatomical Chart,  Anatomy Reference Guide, or Anatomy Training Aid.

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Sarcomere Model #0779-00

Sarcomere Model #0779-00:

This sarcomere model represents a complete sarcomere — the smallest functional unit of a myofibril of striated muscle — with Z lines or disks at either end, and scaled to tens of thousands of times actual size, this first-ever working model graphically illustrates the sliding filament theory of skeletal muscle contraction.  Comes complete with sarcoplasmic reticulum and user manual.

Standard wait time is 90 days before this item ships.  Contact or call 773-633-6553 to get a more precise delivery estimate.
Retail: $1075.95
Price (USD): $968.40
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