Male And Female Torso Models

Shop online for life-size 3D male and female human anatomical torso models and educate your patients on the body parts that make up the human torso. The following anatomical models for sale will help explain the many body parts that make up the human torso. The Torso is an anatomical term for the central part of the human body from which extend the neck and limbs.  It is sometimes referred to as the trunk.  If you can't find the anatomical model you're looking for please try the search function near the top of the screen or contact Anatomy Now at

Classic Unisex Torso with Open Back, 21-part B17
Retail: $1385.00
Our Price: $1275.10
Classic Unisex Torso, 16-part B11
Retail: $685.00
Our Price: $575.20
1/4 Life-Size Muscle Figure, 2 part #B59
Retail: $655.00
Our Price: $620.30
Mini-Torso Model, 12 part #B22
Retail: $193.00
Our Price: $163.50
Life-Size Muscled Torso Model, 27 part #VA16
Retail: $5640.00
Our Price: $5200.00
Heavy-Duty Torso Bag #0702-00
Retail: $250.95
Our Price: $225.90
Torso Model, 15 Slices #VA20
Retail: $5739.00
Our Price: $5208.00
Dual-Sex Torso Model, 24 part Deluxe #B30
Retail: $1209.00
Our Price: $1058.10
Dual Sex Muscular Figure Model - 33 Part #B55
Retail: $3603.00
Our Price: $3060.70
Unisex Torso Model - 12 Part Classic #B09
Retail: $577.00
Our Price: $528.00
Basic KnowBody Teaching Torso #0708-00
Retail: $1570.95
Our Price: $1449.60
CPR Lilly, Light #P70
Retail: $1080.00
Our Price: $972.70
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