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Simple & Ironclad Money Back Guarantee
The Perfect Learning Tool

Anatomical Models offer a truly unmatched learning experience. Your students and patients will thank you!



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The Perfect Learning Tool
 I've always had a hard time explaining Type I Diabetes to children but the model and chart I recently purchased from Anatomy Now have made it much easier. I even learned a few things about my own symptoms!! 
-Carrie Bardwell - Bloomington, IL

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Featured Human Anatomy Models for Sale

Human Breast Cancer Self-Exam Model #3401 >
Our Price: $118.70
The anatomically accurate breast cancer model is designed to educate women on the proper techniques of breast self-examinations
Human Stomach Cancer Model #2001 >
Our Price: $67.30
This anatomy model is a full size cut-away section of the human stomach showing a carcinoma tumor.
Human Skin Cancer Model - Hinged Disk Set #3851 >
Our Price: $57.35
This compact education tool displays multiple cancerous and pre-cancerous skin conditions.
Human Sinus Model - Clear #2851 >
Our Price: $84.85
This anatomy model is simply stunning. The clear sinus model gives a unique 3D perspective of the sinus cavities.
Human Full Eye Anatomy Model #2751 >
Our Price: $98.65
This is an excellent anatomical model of the human eye.
Human Teeth and Jaw Model, Clear #2861 >
Our Price: $141.00
Amazing clarity and detail in this clear human jaw with teeth model
Human Ear Model - Clear #2251 >
Our Price: $62.90
This anatomical model shows in amazing clarity the details of the ear canal, middle and inner ear.
Human Osteorthritis (OA) Hand Model #1930 >
Our Price: $85.80
This OA Hand Model showcases the impacts of osteoarthritis.
Human Male Pelvis with Testicles Model #3570 >
Our Price: $91.80
The unique anatomical model shows both healthy and diseased anatomy of the pelvis and testis.
Human Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Hand Model #1931 >
Our Price: $94.40
This RA Hand Model reveals the drastic effects of rheumatoid arthritis.
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